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Hey all!

Linux Weekly News,, is a great place to find weekly updates on the ongoings of linux in the world. It also features a linux tracking index of companies considered by LWN to be a major contributor to linux.

It might take a while to adjust to their format, especially if you're new to linux, but it is probably the equivalent of the Wall Street Journal for linux. I read the bigpage top to bottom every week.

For more general information surrounding the open source community, computers, science, technology, politics--nerds, and stuff that matters, including linux, can be a great waste of time (er, I mean, check it out and keep an Open Mind(TM)!).


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I'm running my own small Linux resource site with newsfeeds from several sites.

For the newsfeeds, click the "Linux News" tab.

For more resources, including some other news sites, click the "Linux Software" tab. The selection is rather eclectic, but I am quite willing to add other selections that appeal to me, so feel free to suggest some.

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And you don't want to forget to keep up with all of the latest software updates. is a cool site to make your desktop pretty :)

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