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I'm updating my resume to include my current job. I switched jobs about nine months ago, after working at my previous company for 9 years.

I have various items listed in my experience section that would apply to both of my jobs - experience with various analytical machines, software programs, etc. Although I used these at both of my jobs, I had more extensive experience with them at my first job, because I was there longer and because I had more access to certain equipment and software at the larger company. (For example, even though we have SciFinder access at my new job, we've been told not to use it unless absolutely necessary because it costs so much. So I only use it rarely. At my old job I used it several times a week and I received advanced training.)

I also have some standard experience points, like "experienced in working with teams" and "in-house presentations of research" etc. These would apply to both jobs more or less equally.

I'm not sure how to divide these up on my resume. Should I list most of my experience items under my new job, even though I gained this experience in both places? Or try to divide it up in some way? Or list it under both?

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Greetings Karen,

I'd likely list it under both though accentuate each so that they look a little different, e.g. you learned SciFinder at the old job, became proficient with it though while the new job allows it, you have optimized how you use it for example.

I also would think the 9 year job would have more points than the 9 month position in a sense just to distinguish between the two.

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