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Played a few days at the Borgata for a few hours each. Most memorable table was the 2nd time, a new NL500 table that was pretty wild.

To my left there was a young Asian gambler talking to his friend on my immediate right, that friend was very nice and said he usually played NL1000 but was gambooling it up over the course of the day.

Hand, this happened early in the session:

Hero has Ks Kd

I'm in EP, I raise to 20, Villain calls, Button re-raises to 50, I re-re-raise to 115, Villain calls, Button folds.

Flop comes 754x. I bet half pot, Villain calls.

Turn comes J. I check Villain bets, I push AI, he calls has me covered.

River is brick.

Villain flips the immortal 63 for the flopped nuts.

NH sir.

Later, I raised AI 3 guys including him with AKs in LP for about 300, he called the other 2 folded including a pro 2 to my right who was very cranky when he say I had AK.

We agreed to run it twice. First time I brick, he says I won. Okay!
2nd time board reads like Q9752x. He flips QT for the split. I'm a 3-1 fave to pair up at least once but nahhhhhhh bro.

I guess someone has to keep the stereotype of Crazy Asian Gamblor going in AC.

Much of the table's play throughout the afternoon was good players putting moves on each other. Many showdowns were won with midpair in big pots.

I didn't get any good cards really over 3 days, in this session I got KK again but nobody called my bet on the flop. No straights or flushes, I got one set on my first day at a typically tight midweek NL table.

Hero gets 7s 7c, multiway action calls $20 in LP.

Flop comes 7d 5d 8d. Checked to me, I bet, one caller in EP/BB forget which.

Turn comes 9d. Villain bets large, I fold. I may have had pot odds to call but...Villain could definitely be playing A6d and 66d there of course. And given the way the cards weren't falling for me I quickly decided to fold, afterwards wondered if I gave up too easily.

3rd session really nothing of note to report, no cards, small loss, multiple players at table were callboxes and I think I won the river once, flops just were never hitting me.

I won almost 1k at craps so that made up for all the poker losses. Dropped like 220 at pai gow poker. Borgata did not have the Ultimate Hold 'em table game which I've been playing recently - it's a good table game just check the hands to bet at WizardofOdds. They had 2 other poker variants I did not bother with.

Did one spin of $5 Wheel of Fortune while waiting for valet. Hit for $250. I felt so dirty.


ps Oh yeah, made a sports bet first morning it was legal in NJ. Board was quite limited so took a flyer on Croatia to win WC. So far so good.
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That Croatia bet is looking even better now. Don’t think they’ll make it all the way but you would get much worse odds at this time.
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If I get lucky it'll be like my Holland bet when they made the finals. And lost in extra time.
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