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At the local nursery they have instituted an interesting "information desk". There is a large knot hole in a wall of the office. They have a few very expert staff who take turns sitting behind the knot hole and answering any questions. The rest of the staff aren't quite as sharp and when you ask them a question, they usually direct you to the staff member behind the wall in the office.

Well, I have a small pine tree in my back yard that produces an abundance of pine cones. So many in fact, that the tree leans over. I went to the nursery with this problem and spoke to one of the staff. I explained how the pine cones were weighing down the tree and that I thought maybe I should brace the branches. I wasn't sure what the best bracing material should be. The yard worker thought he knew the best wood to use to brace the branches, but thought I should confirm with the experts in the office. Of course he told me...

"Ask Knot what Yew can do for your Cone tree"

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Remeber, waxurt started this!

A university veterinary school applied and received a grant to study the digestive process in cattle as a model for learning more about human digestion. A unique aspect of the project was the implantation of plexiglass windows on both sides of the animals so the process could be viewed and studied more readily. Once the experiments were under way, the researchers noticed that the viewing ports on all of the cattle were becoming cloudy except for the ones on the animal nearest the window. They couldn't understand the phenomena until someone pointed out that

the glass is always cleaner on the sunny side of the meat.

My sincere apologies,
Susan 8 )
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