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current float 12,000,000 shares
129,159,408 shares involved in lock-up exp.

is this information true? when is the lock up period expire?
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Dear Sanctuary,

Here are the approximate numbers of shares becoming eligible for sale along with the dates that the restrictions will be lifted. I got this from the Silicon Investor site.

Feb. 7 - 5.98 million shares
Feb. 25 - 2 million shares
Feb. 26 - 1 million shares
March 8 - 1 million shares
March 26 - 1 million shares
Week of March 27 (approx.) - 42.65 million shares
April 1 - 1 million shares
May 3 - 46 million shares (approx.)

Red Hat must be anticipating a lot of growth.
Hope this helps!
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Suppose they had a sale and nobody came?

I bought Rhat based on all the great things which I

heard/read concerning this company. I was long on this

stock until I surfed lockup and then read your post.

Now I maybe jumping ship, maybe 3 weeks too late.

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TO: Everyone

RE: Lockup & Supposed Sale Dates

Can anyone confirm those nos. listed by MOTLEYMOM? I don't doubt her or her reporting from a post on SI, but his is 2nd or 3rd hand (at least) by this point. What's the source of those dates? All I found at my IPO/lockup source was the 2-7-00 date. Are these, e.g., insider SELLs that were recorded with the SEC or such? I mean, the list is *not* what appears to be further "lockup expiry" dates to the best of my knowledge. I mean, I guess it could be set up to have 1 or two release dates, maybe many months apart, but those appear to be just scheduled dates for [maybe individual SELLs?] for individuals and/or firms. (??) --Aces
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