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It's a pleasure to see your corporate and Ruling Class legalize their ownership of you yum-yums.

This under the administration of Barack Cheney

You Leftists. All you can do is shout TEABAG! GUN! GAY! anymore.

Your own leaders are consolidating ownership of you.


HEre's to Exxon drilling at your doorstep, and a warmer earth for all.

Obama 2012

JediG (anyone opposing government is a TeaBag!)
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Oh and the climax…

Obama wanted you people to be kept in the dark on this one.


As if you people could do anything if you did know about it.

Obama Goldman 2012

Hillary Sachs 2016

Constitution? Not for you. Not any longer.

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I'm sure that Obama's intentions are wholly genuine Jedi. It might appear that he's making a deal that will elevate the stature of evil corporations, but that couldn't be the case. Perhaps it's someone else's fault that the President has to do this, maybe politics?

It's also not nice for the Huffington Post to post such an article, and I'm sure they will pay for it.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of very smart people thinking up stories for why this isn't bad, why it's not his fault, and how we should be supportive of Obama's intentions to make us all happy.
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