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A long day.
3 hours to get to LAX. 5 hour wait. 9 hours to Heathrow. Picked up at the airport by a exquisitely appointed driver from the hotel, white sign white sign with mcb written in big red letters clearly visible in a sea of humanity. 30 minutes into Knightsbridge, light traffic by London's standards, dropped off with gentle grace and met by a Dickensian doorman. Engineer had to fix the louvers in the room forcing us to have a Hendricks and Tonic with cucumber garnish in the bar. A wonderful cul-de-sac in a full day. Took a lap around the neighborhood to shake off the airport boogies, DW ran reconnaissance on Harrods for tomorrow's assault. I ran down to the Natural History Museum, just past the V&A, to check out opening hours and new exhibits for my excursion tomorrow.
Back from the walk, shower, shave, down to the new restaurant that just opened last night.
Dover Sole will put me to sleep tonight.

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30 minutes into Knightsbridge

Your old man took her diamonds and tiaras by the score
Now she gets her kicks in Stepney
Not in Knightsbridge anymore

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Sir, you have a manificent and splendid evening. Cheers.
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