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I just signed up today for the service and I had a general question for anyone who may have attempted performing option long calls on the stock service, I.E... two year contracts.

I have some money to invest but not too much. I see my money going further with long call options as I can own more bulk of shares. Has anyone attempted this?
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Hey, Antyup. Not sure which service you joined, but this is a public discussion board. For questions specific to your premium service, please select your service from the My Services menu at the top of this page, then click on the Community tab to locate an appropriate board for your question.

Who expects someone might be able to comment in general on long call options, just not specifically as to your subscribed service...

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Hi Antyup,

This is a public side board.

Not sure what service you subscribed to, but if you select the MyService pulldown at the top right of the screen. That should take you to the home page for your service.

Then select the community tab, and you will find a list of discussion boards. There should be plenty of folks happy to discuss this topic.

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How to use options is well understood. Your local library will have shelves of books on them. All of the brokers offer free education. YouTube will have videos. Financial portals like Investopdia will have good coverage.

Yes, the money can be fabulous, but the risks are commensurate. So, be careful that you really understand a trade before you put it on. Given where we are the business cycle, I say you need to focus on long puts, not long calls. But then, that's your call.

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