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I looked at this issue as carefully as i could and decided to buy a policy from Mutual Protective/Medico Life Insurance Companies for two reasons:
1 If you don't use it for 10 years, you receive 80% of your premiums back (prorated for less years)

2. A legal fact that the insurance agents or companies don't tell you is that in case the company goes belly-up, the State government will pay the nursing home costs according to your policy.This is because all insurance companies pay a premium to each state they operate in to protect the clients. This can be checked out in each State by calling the appropriate health insurance division.
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Hey crazy,

If the need ever arises just think you will be able to sit back and still talk about all that stock you own and how it is performing when the others will be selling off their computers because there will not be any stock left to do research on, you are a wise man..good for you.

And on the second part it is called HIGA, all states have them just like FDIC in the banking industry.
Good read...thank you

Jim Adams
LTC Specialist.

P.S. another 13 million covered today putting 6 joint policies in homes today and that feels so good. All 6 clients had in excess of 1.7 million in assets.
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