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With interest rates so low, I know many retirees are concerned and hurting about so little return on whatever may be in those accounts.

May I suggest that they at least consider INVESTING "safely" in some investments that pay better returns that half a percent?

Speak with a trusted advisor to find one ore more mutual funds, for example.

However, I like my IRA money invested directly in various equities. I watch them and try to keep some in "safe" dividend-paying stocks while adventuring a bit with some in growth stocks.

Here are a few dividend-paying stocks people might check out:

AT&T (Symbol T) is paying about 5.1% annually in quarterly dividends.
GE (GE) is paying about 3.3%.
Intel (INTC) is paying about 3.4%.
B&G Foods (BGS) is paying about 4.4%.

These are not guaranteed, obviously -- nothing is! But these are a few who have been paying out pretty regularly for a long, long time.

Sure beats 0.5% stuck in a bank!

Just saying....

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Sure beats 0.5% stuck in a bank!

Agreed, but calling them "safe" dividend-paying stocks, is not the term I would necessarily use. AT&T for example has lost more in value than the dividend since last year (-5.7%), while the S&P has gained nearly 20% over the same period.

I think such individuals (those that actually kept their money in savings for the yield) would be better served by looking at individual bonds or CDs. Stock, even that of good companies, is probably too volatile of an alternative.
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RV, I am with you all the way. I have the same stocks you mentioned, as well as COP (Conoco), and DOW, DUKE, and a few more to diversify my portfolios. I don't have much money, but what I have has been growing very well but reinvesting my dividends. I moved my stocks in my SEP-IRA to my Roth (taxes due), and kept the cash in the SEP-IRA, since I must take RMD's in about a year. Therefore, I will not have to sell the equities to take the RMD's. In addition, since I still work about 10 hours per week, I am able to take a few paychecks per year, thereby, placing 25% of those paychecks back into the SEP. Also, since I have earned income, I can place cash into my Roth.

Donna (who feels her cost of living will increase with age)
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Yes, AT&T fluctuates up and down in value, but they pay out nice dividends, regardless. The money I/we have in vested there is in there for the dividends only -- not the growth.

By all means, if people want to put money into the S&P via a fund, for example, that's probably a great idea.

My whole point is that people should learn how to make and keep their money DOING something, rather than leaving it dormant in a "safe" savings account, perhaps because they fear doing anything else with it.

As I have said over and over again, if a lot more people spent half the time learning how to make their money grow vs watching mindless TV shows or playing with "apps" on their toys, they'd be better off and maybe happier!

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