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. . . flying out of my pockets. Now it's motorcycles.

I picked up a new Suzuki last night to go with the used Honda I bought my wife last week. Compared to car shopping, this was an interesting process.

Since what Mrs. 5Speed wanted was a bit of a unicorn (in these parts), I got hers at "Humongus Motosports," a giant place full if bikes, ATVs, PWCs, etc. They had stuff to the ceiling, and would bring it down on mini forklifts to show you. Salesmen all over everyone, and nobody gets out the door with out an extended warranty(except me).

I got mine at "Cool Bike Boutique," a very casual place that handles swanky Europeans like Ducati, Moto Guzzi, and Triumph among others. It's the kind of place that encourages loitering. The staff lot is full of old stuff; cafe racer style.

Insurance shopping was a trip, too. My home/car guy doesn't write bike policies, so I got 7 quotes from different places. For the exact same levels of coverage, prices varied by $900/year from high to low.

Since I'm not 22 anymore, and I have a life worth living, I'm very deliberate, and very cautious. I see this as being a really fun way to get out and "stomp on the terra," and don't miss the hobby boat I got rid of, or regret the hobby Porsche I didn't buy. I've got 23 miles under my belt on this toy now, and all I can think about are the next thousand.

5Speed in the car, 6Speed on the bike.

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Hey, what Zuke did you get that has a 6-speed box?

Here's what mine looks like (this is its twin in Australia):

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Wow, that Volusia looks like an aircraft carrier compared to the chainsaw I got.

Mrs. 5Speed went criuser; Honda Shadow VLX. I went Suzuki SV650 for a bit more nimbleness and fleetness of foot:

Honestly, after looking at everything I could find that was similar (liquid-cooled, 650CC or so, no silly fairing, V-twin), the SV650 seemed like the bike equivalent of my GTI VR6.

5Speed + 6Speed = 11Speed now . . . cripes . . .
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