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Greetings. Could you please direct me to the appropriate Board to explore a non-stock alternative to park $30,000-ish for a couple of years, hopefully with better returns than CDs are currently offering. I am 57 and still working, but also collecting a pension, have a $200,000 401k, husband’s pension, and portfolio of 20 mostly MF-recommended stocks.

Hopefully I will need the cash in a few years for a down payment on a FL condo.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, Badass. You're not going to find any capital preservation vehicles that are going to offer great interest rates, and you should not invest any money you are going to need in the next 3-5 years in the stock market. The one thing you cannot afford to risk is that the cash is not there when you need it for that Florida condo down payment.

Let's be honest - cash is not sexy. It's not exciting. It just sits there and if you're lucky earns barely enough interest to keep up with inflation. It feels like it is a waste of resources that does nothing. Cash is boring, lazy and a waste of money.

Until it's not. Cash is the premium you pay for having the resources available when you need it. Like most insurance policies, it can seem like an inefficient use of money while you don't need it, but if you ever do need it, you're dang glad it's there.

Who notes when you think about it in the right light, cash is cool...

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Thanks for the perspective, Fuskie. It’s what I need. I’ve had the money in a decent CD for a year and was bummed when the interest rate at renewal was so low. Guess I was hoping for an unknown-to-me vehicle, but I know I should ignore the lure of an index fund which is where I was leaning.

I’ll just pick a CD and count my blessings that I have extra cash. You’re right, it’s not sexy but it is safe!

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I think that CDs are where you should be but you might want to check out the Bonds & Fixed Income board at
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