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I see a ton of names mentioned on the recent posts that I follow quite closely.
I hadn't seen this board before until someone pointed it out in a reply about a board that actually discusses some technical analysis (TA)/charting.

I may see if I can manage to add any additional value on occasion to this board.

long ESTC, MDB, AYX, TTD, NVDA, MELI, UBNT, PSTG, SWKS, IQ, ZS, ZM, GH, HA, STNE, UPWK, & several other individual equities and a user of some options and charting too (still somewhat a beginner with the charting)
short a tiny SHOP position and several TSLA positions (all put spreads) that look like they will be fully decayed away by this Friday
Oh yeah, also short CVNA with a put position that goes out to August presently (some $50/48 put spreads)
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Like you, volfan, CVNA is one name I've thought was worth shorting. On Twitter, several of the sharpest traders I know laid out the short case for CVNA and eventhough I've yet to short the name, I am amazed at how resilient it has remained in the current mini-recession for automotive names.

Eventhough I am not a LTBH investor, I must say, I am very impressed at all the names and symbols you have mentioned here as every single one of them are names I've trade in the past and made $$$ in.

I take that back. I was stopped out of MDB calls this week for a loss. Some of your names (MELI) I haven't charted in ages, so, I aim to go back and add it and GH to my lists to follow.

Thank-you for bringing those to my memory watchlist again.

For the last hour to ninety minutes I've been reading this board from its very earliest days and I'm learning more from this reading of history than any book I could buy from Amazon.

95% of the investors posting on "It Is What It Is" board in 1999 are long gone. I've only found two names from 1999 who still pots on Fool.

Making this all the more interesting is how these earliest investors in dotcom were mostly focused on broadband. So I am bumping into a whole lot of names I used to know from that time and now I'm going to WikiPedia to see how they ended.

Companies I once thought went bankrupt, hung on, turned into penny stocks, and wer e bought out by bigger players. One stock which was an early darling here, JD Uniphase, split into two new companies back in 2015, both of which have only recently turned profitable: LITE and VIAV, both of which are making banging profits and revenue growth in the 30 to 40% range - which is quite shocking as I've never seen these two symbols ever talked about on Fool.

It's fun to see so many "cultists" predict what and where broadband was going to do "in the near future" (always the near future, right?) and here I'm reading their predictions or ones they scooped from Kurzweil, Gilder, the Gardner Brothers and I'm thinking, "Hooo, Boy, more believers in too much magic."

In the first 1,000 posts on this board, one thing becomes abundantly clear: people had no idea, none whatsoever, to figure out how large or small a TAM might be for all these businesses which are no longer around.

That said, learning that Level 3 bought out Global Crossing was news to me. Then learning Century Link bought out Level 3, and Level 3 had to divest even more of its businesses while keeping its optical lines humming for Netflix, Amazon, etc., was even all the more enlightening.

So, now I am slowing down in my history reading of this board as it is forcing me to take many sidetrips into wikipedia and old yahoo articles to refresh my memory, or, to learn something completely new eventhough the news is years old.

This board is like reading an encylopedia to 1999/2000.

It's invaluable.

I think it holds more value than any newsletter Motley Fool sells because here you're going to learn from mistakes of others, and, you're going to learn what you do not know.

I've learned I had a load of these companies pegged as "dead" or "bankrupt" only to find they lived on after being acquired. Of course, many of them suffered as penny stocks which did reverse split after reverse split, only to turn profitable 15 to 20 years later.

Great reading and an elucidating education. Humbling for me. And it will make me a better trader.
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TM. Dave(Ratman)would have appreciated your input, plus keeping his board going. Good Job.

Don't post much these days as rarely trade like I used to, but will check in from time to time. "Mind the gap"


Best. Bran.
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