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Wow, them stoopid Bushie Cowboy Americans, so arrogant.

But it's ok when France just skips a meeting because they don't like that Mommy and Daddy are going to take their toys away.

LOL. France and it's Klanish supporters in the Bay Area and beyond....can't come to grips with reality that the music has stopped, and they don't have a chair.

"France’s President Francois Hollande boycotted a Thursday meeting with the prime ministers of Germany and Britain, avoiding what could have been a contentious discussion on the European Union’s budget"

Listen you losers. It's going to be at least a generation before Islam and other positive influences change and save your so-called country. So until then, you are going to get less. your people are going to do without.

So deal with the higher retirement ages, longer work weeks (for those of you who can find work) and over all, AUSTERITY you are now going to deservedly get. Just like I told you you would years ago.

Hiding from Daddy (Germany) isn't going to save you from his belt. So stop hiding under the bed, and take the strap and don't cry too hard. Daddy is doing it out of love.

(You losers. LOL)

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I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this poster on TMF turns out to be the cop gone on a wild war against the LAPD.

I would be surprised. Before I hit that frowny face thingy I thought him more sad and disappointed rather than angry and vengeful.
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That cop is an obama lover like you
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France refusing a meeting has mothing to do with me. They make bush look like a great diplomat. Stay on topic. I dare you.
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Say what you like about me.

You Leftists who lectured Bush on 'arrogance' and how 'america should be nicer to other nations', in response to a story about LoserFrance boycotting a meeting with fellow Europeans....can only respond about ME.

Which is fine. You wont' dare comment on the topic.

As far as the officer who is killing people, his politics closely match YOURS and many Leftists here.

Maybe we can play a new game. Let's get YOUR posts and other Leftist posts here. Then let's compare them to this current murderer on the loose and also the Ft Hood killer, and the would-be Times Square bomber.

The similarities are striking.

You, the Leftists, the Fort Hood Killer, and the current officer/murderer have TONS in commong politically.

Do you all want to get a room?

JediG (merely started out talking about French boycotts of a meeting)
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