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Keep lowering wages and the US worker won't even be able to buy a value meal at Burger King. Why?

Because the King can't 0amke money selling burgers at too low a price.

A family that owned several failed Burger Kings is suing the fast food giant, claiming the company's $1 value menu made it impossible for them to turn a profit in high-priced Manhattan.

Franchise owners Elizabeth and Luan Sadik say in a federal lawsuit filed last month in Brooklyn that they begged Burger King for permission to raise prices at their Midtown restaurants so they could cover their high costs.

Burger King said no, and when the family closed two unprofitable Manhattan restaurants in response, the company took legal action to shut down two of their remaining New York eateries. The last one closed six weeks ago.

A lawyer for the Sadiks, Richard Gallucci, said the family wouldn't have been in this mess if it wasn't for the value menu.

SO isn't this indicative of some of our larger industries in this country? Companies that provide GNP, jobs, insurance benefits, and tax base for surrounding communities that raise and educate our youth - if they can't compete and more and more work is out-sourced, what is left for US citizens to do but shop at WalMart?

Last week's announcement that Boeing was not awarded the contract to supply the Air Force with a new refueling tanker was a sad decision for all America.

The contract will be worth approximately $100 billion drained from tax money provided by Americans.

While these planes will be assembled in Alabama, the more lucrative manufacturing process will pad France' s economy, not ours.

Members of Congress are particularly incensed at Mr. McCain for scuttling a program that Boeing says would have supplied 40,000 jobs both at the company and with suppliers in about 40 states.

Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha, Illinois Rep. Rahm Emmanuel and others say McCain is allowing jobs on a U.S. military project to go to Europe.

What about these candidates running for office, like Sen. McCain, that promise they will solve the loss of jobs to other countries? Where is the President? Where are the trade unions and their leaders?

Does anyone care? What has happened to us as Americans that we have let this country go to hell after our earlier generations fought and worked so hard to build a great country?

Last week "Naftagate" helped to defeat Barack Obama in Ohio. An adviser reassured Canadian officials that Mr Obama's hard line on the North American Free Trade Agreement was political positioning, and that the treaty was not in danger. Hillary Clinton pilloried her opponent over this, assuring the workers of Ohio that her own trenchant opposition to Nafta was genuine.

In response, Mr Obama will doubtless harden his own position on trade, which will be no easy task. Do we merely delete "war on terror"; insert "war on trade"?

American anxiety over imports was trending strongly in this direction even before new figures on worsening unemployment suggested that the current economic slowdown is an outright recession. That dismal news now gets added to the mix. Until recently, gathering anti-trade sentiment in the US threatened merely to sink hopes of new trade-liberalising agreements.

In spite of his recent demagoguery on the subject, Mr Obama has broadly pro-trade views that he now feels obliged to disguise. Exactly the same is true of Mrs Clinton, who was once an enthusiastic supporter of Nafta (as she was right to be).
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