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<< TMF Jokey wrote: Just to note...the STOCK BOARDS themselves might as well have been invisible before. Of the top 25 (also the default) recommended posts yesterday (at least when I checked), 18 of them were on non-stock boards. >>

Stock boards are instantly available to anyone, via the stock symbol. Non-stock boards lack such universal accessability. Further, stock boards were never completely excluded from the default Best Of the way non-stock boards are now.

TMF's new policy flies in the face of both TMF's stated mission and TMF Bogey's own words just yesterday that "My hope is that people who check into [Best Of] will find great content, generated by our great members. Be it insightful stock analysis, raging political debate, or just sharp humor....

When TMF users open Best Of on its new default setting (and the vast majority of them will never look beyond the default), they aren't going to see ANY "raging political debate" or "sharp humor" or tips for Living Below Your Means or tips on Early Retirement or any of the other valuable information non-stock boards.

TMF is trying to fix a perceived "problem" of non-stock boards dominating Best Of, but there is no problem to fix. TMF members in search of a stock-only version of Best Of could have just selected "Stocks A-Z," prior to your policy change.

Does TMF argue that the old system marginalized stock boards? Well, it sure sounds that way when TMF Jokey complains that "18 of 25 Best Of posts were from non-stock boards." If the stock boards were marginalized when stock-only boards weren't the default, then it is indisputable that non-stock boards are being marginalized now that THEY are not the default. In fact, non-stock boards have it worse than stock boards ever did. The stock boards were never completely excluded from the old default, even if they were joined by others...but under the new default, non-stock boards are completely excluded. TMF Jokey says "The stock boards might as well have been invisible before?" Baloney!

Hey, if changing your Best Of view from the default is so easy and without consequence to the non-default boards, why couldn't folks looking for the "Best Of Stocks" just choose "Stocks A-Z" before you made the change? Nope, instead, they complained, and TMF's collective knee jerked in response.

TMF has in the past arbitrarily pulled many posts on shakey or no grounds just because another TMF member didn't like the content. Now, the complainers have come forth and once again TMF's collective knee has jerked in response.

The result is a bad policy which tarnishes the lighthearted TMF image that used to be their trademark and that, in the past, distinguished them from other, boring financial sites.

I can only hope that TMF gurus reconsider their Best Of policy and restore the non-stock board community to its rightful place: at the heart of TMF.

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