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Denny, I do not have any data to support this other than subscription growth and portion of the corporate 100, but the substance of what I am reading indicates that indeed the Fortune 100, 200, and 2000 are scared and they need a solution. They see the core of business changing to apps, and they see themselves unable to keep up with start ups, and with the Amazons and Googles of the world (like there are more than 2 of them, but big and scary and prime examples of the boogey man (for those who have seen John Wick in action taking out Trump supporting Russians. LOL - but I digress).

There is an urgency in large corporate C-Suites not to lose their business. You can see it with the Boeing presentation I linked to. That is a 110 year old company that changed the world with one of the most magnificent of human achievements. The CIO however, so in love with the history, could not stand to see it all go to ash because of an inability to run this monstrosity of an organization in the now modern world that Boeing no longer was part of.

She called in Pivotal. I am sure others may have called in Red Hat, and others, who are cockier, figure they can do Dockers or Kubernetes on their own (good luck).

In the usual chasm crossing there is a sense of desperation that suddenly goes mainstream in the customer base. I cannot say that the solution to this sense of desperation is PIVOTAL as it was Intel and Microsoft (not even close), but this sense of desperation is calling desperately for a solution. The solution being sought out will vary, and the smartest of the smart will go Pivotal. Pivotal won’t just bring the tools and the platform and the most efficient software delivery organization in perhaps all the world (literally they may be, give founder Mee credit for this, there are slides going back many years for Pivotal Labs with the same exact methodology from the consulting firm days) but will change the culture of software development.

Any superior leader understands tools are fine (hey, I got the tools, or can buy them at HD, but I still cannot fix my deck, pool, water damage from that little sewer exploding focused in a downstairs toilet (hey, I remedied it, place is still nearly as nice down in that home theatre that it ever was, in fact better with my new plus carpeting) but without changing my personal culture, no way in heck I fix these things myself.

Tools are only as valuable as the culture put in place to use them. That is why a Japan or Great Britain can become far richer and more powerful than a far more resource rich Russia or China, and why a resource rich United States can top them all.

In such circumstances, crossing the chasm for a product category does not equate to the best purveyor of said product to become THE one. But when it comes to enabling technologies, the best strategy is to buy THE one. I will be sorely disappointed if Pivotal is not THE one, and does not win out.

All to say, there is a reason I am not 100% Pivotal. Wrong I can be, from rare, oh so very rare, time to time. Don’t disappoint me Mr. Mee!!!!!!

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