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<<They estimated that in the past 40 years, global temperature has risen by ~ 0.1 degrees C per decade. I wonder how they could have erred by such a large margin.

By the way, you also talk about "serious weather experts". I didn't know there was another I find them on the Comedy Channel?

Lastly, you talk about "environmentalists" in the third person. I'm wondering whether one can work in the energy industry and/or own an energy stock...and still be an "environmentalist".

Seems to me that we all live on the same planet and should feel responsible for our home.

Jack >>

Jack -- the article was published in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago.

As for the "findings" of scientists making these horrendous scenario predictions, I am the one who is skeptical.

I recently attended a conference where a professor from Rice University told me during the coffe break that she was shocked to learn that at this meeting on Metereology that she personally chaired at Rice University, to address the issue of earth temperature measurement, she learned that these "experts" were arguing on how best to accurately measure earth temperature, and they could not come to an agreement. So imagine, she said to me, if these "experts" cannot agree as to the most accurate way of sampling the temperature of the planet, how can some make these global warming claims with so much certainty?

It turns out that the temperature probes that were being used to gather all of these temperature statistics around the globe have been getting "warmer" not so much because the earth temperature has been getting warmer, but because urban sprawl. Some argued, she said, that that indeed some of the temperature probes that were intended to originally measure the temperature of a "farming" environment, were in effect measuring "urban" temperature 70 years later (and "urban" temperatures are warmer because of the heat emitted in cities by buildings and hoses) because when the probes had been originally installed back in the 1930's at the outskirts of big cities, over the past 70 years these farming areas had now become "urban" (sorry for the very long sentence).

As I have said here before regarding this very topic, some claim that at least 50% of this so called temperature increase can be attributed to "poor sampling" such as I explained above.

While the article in the Wall Street Journal did not refer to this meeting (because the article was written prior to this meeting at Rice University), the Wall Street Journal article did show a plot of the temperature measurements provided by NASA satellites over the last 20 years, and a least square fit showed a slight temperature decline (and is shown in the graph that the Wall Street Journal Published).

I suppose that many people like me who work for the oil industry, like I do in an xom refinery, are usually "suspect" as being "biased" when it comes to environmental issues. It is a difficult impression to shake. But I can tell you something about environmental responsibility, having worked in xom for 22 years, I have never ever seen xom lie about anything that has to do with the environment and its reporting to the government, but I have been exposed to many lies an outright defamation of a company's reputation from fanatics like the ones in greenpeace and others who make claims that are blatantly false.
And I will tell you without hesitation. I believe xom, above any other organization when it comes to environmental claims ... and you know why?... because they are impeccably honest and ethical, and never in my 22 years with them have I seen anything but such ethical corporate behavior... and this transcends the environment... it also go to its business practices, including accounting and the like. Have you heard of any shennanigans in xom .... I bet you have not ... and I bet you that hell will freeze over first before you see corporate malfeasance.

I like clean water and clean air. I have three children, and as a mother I want the best for my children. But I am also a Chemical Engineer with a scientific bent. And before my tax dollars are taken away from education and health, and a solid homeland defense, to be diverted to some wild allegations about global warming and the earth is coming to an end, I want to see the unbiased proof.

These so called "scientist" that so many people make claims about,are not weather "scientist". Some of them are probably the children of the same "scientists" that formed the Club of Rome in the 1960's, and that back in the mid-sixities made these wild claims about the limits of growth, and the fact that we were going to be asphyxiating ourselves in 20 years, that we were goint to live in an inflationary world because all of the commodities and metals were going to be extremely expensive, and we were all going to starve because there was not sufficient land to feed all of us human.... well that was, excuse the expression, bull cr-p! And in my book this list of eminent scientist of the 60's--- including Nobel Chemical Laurate Linus Pauling of Caltex, were ALL (to the last man) wet, and in my book a bunch of usefool idiots.

And in my opinion, from the data that I have seen, I have yet to be convinced that this global warming trend (which is doubtful) is going to be the cause of these horrendous catastrophes these environmentalists like to claim.

Did you know that the air and water today is cleaner than it was 20 years ago, despite the fact that we have more automobiles on the road, more power plants, and we consume more oil? ... and what would the "scientist" gathered back in Rome in the mid-sixities have said had they been given the consumption statistics of all the fuel humanity was going to be burning in the year 2002? ... they would have predicted all kinds of catastrophes ... and yet, here we are, thank you very much. And the reason? ... technology and human ingenuity.

Merry Christmas

Madame Butterfly
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