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i'm in the best mood!! i've posted before about trying to furnish the roof deck at my new brooklyn apt. (have i mentioned the fab view of the manhattan skyline?) so far i have dragged an old IKEA couch up there, covered the cushions with water-proof duvet covers and finished the wooden base with deck sealer. i also found on the street the base for a circular dining table- just need to make a top (got great suggestions from you guys on that post!)

at odd-job (the closeout store) i found these GREAT chaise lounge chairs and matching regular chairs for the deck. not only are they cheap as hell, $30 for the lounge, $15 for the reg. but they are not crappy at all and actually very attractive, i would call them sage green. i had been looking, but all i could find cost minimum of $70! i would have assumed chairs for $30 would at the very least be ugly colors or material. wait until you see them, this deck is going to be awsome!!!! but anyway, at odd-job they also have one of those little stereos portable boom boxes. so (insert drum roll please) for a grand total of $160 today i will be getting:
1 stereo for the deck $40
2 lounge chairs $60
4 chairs to go around the table i intend to "make" $60
the smile on my face PRICELESS

not bad at all!!!! i'm starting a reservation list for those summer afternoons, book while space is available (before my deck is written up in "Time Out NY")!!


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