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Will luckin rebound? And is a good time to get in, now that’s it’s down? Or is it to vision to tell?

Thanks for you input!
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Accounting irregularities can be very off putting. Without reliable accounting how do you know where your money is or how your investment is performing. And that goes double for a Chinese company where accounting standards can be fuzzy at best.

The company should issue revised numbers for the period of misinformation. Most will study its revised report carefully to see if the company has growth potential (or even makes a profit).
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Thank you for the follow up!

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It would be a tremendous ERROR to invest in LK.


Because there are many excellent companies out there..... and you're interested in buying a company KNOWN to have committed fraud. How in the world would you ever consider this to be a good idea?

"Hey! I could invest in Amazon or <insert any number of great companies here> but I think the BEST place for my money is with that thief over there!"


IMO, it sometimes takes brutal talk to get through.... and then even that doesn't get past the greed....

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