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Back in 2010 I bought a bit of YONG, then a bit more as it fell, and more, and more again. I sold in August 2011 with an 11% loss and thought I got off lightly; the subsequent 33% loss from that point hasn't made me regret it.

At no point did I have access to Hidden Gems or anywhere else with good discussions of YONG. Now with people experienced with the company posting in a public group I have a better chance of learning about it even if I never invest in it again. So thanks to all for that.

The only other thing I'd like to point out is that your expanded audience can include investors who know even less than me, and who can't refer back to old discussions in order to figure out what everyone is talking about. If now and then you throw in a bit of detail about what-everyone-knows (but the rest of us don't) it might be appreciated by more than just me.


RH in CT
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Good point. YONG has primarily been discussed within the specialty boards. You could go blind reading all the posts and you would not be up to date as many dealt with old data and speculation about activity of the company in the future. That is not necessarily the best use of your time.

What I would recommend is going to the YONG website and reading what they have posted. If you are interested in digging deeper after that then pull the 10-k from last year and the one just released. These are also available on the website. If they don't make you blind you will learn a lot.

Either way try to forget about the stock price until you are comfortable with the company as a business. Remember this is a thinly followed start up and a BRIC so there will be a lot of risk.

There is no recommendation here to either buy or sell. I do think anyone could learn a lot by studying this company however and have a lot of fun doing it.

Onward thru the fog,
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