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Hi Gorilla Game Fools...

I was thinking about the Gorilla Port (the one written about in the last chapter of the book) after seeing the hit MANU took this morning. Since this book is written with the perspective of hindsight, how do you think the authors would interpret the news and information from recent events? (not including the stock price decline) Did MANU just shrink back to chimp status?


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"Did MANU just shrink back to chimp status?"

We've been kicking that around on the MANU & ITWO boards. Might be tough to recover from the street reaction, regardless of the facts.

However, this is not a two company field- SAP, Baan, PeopleSoft, Oracle and a cast of hundreds are encroaching on this market. While I am long i2, I would not yet declare them the Gorilla, nor am I ready to sell my (smaller- and shrinking...) holding of Manugistics.

While I learned much from the Gorilla Game, I believe it must be taken with Peter Lynch and the Fools guidance- each Gorilla Game play works out in its own complex ecosystem. Without a serious understanding of the specific market you can loose lots of money. I work supply chain logistics daily, have talked to current and former Manugistics employees, and watched my MANU shares go from +60% to -20% in two days.

The Gorilla Game may be a great way to narrow down the field, but I think working the details still takes the 'due diligence' that is the hallmark of the Motley Method.


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Did MANU just shrink back to chimp status?<<

Two short answers to your question, Karen.

MANU was never considered a gorilla by the authors, only a gorilla candidate.

Because the fundamentals haven't changed for the company or the industry based on the MANU press release, I suspect the authors woud find no reason to react to it. It would be one of those news items to ignore relative to Gorilla investing. If, on the other hand, you are as skeptical as I am and as I think Brent is, there may be more bad news of a more fundamental nature to follow. That press release is a huge yellow flag with "Caution" written all over it.
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