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To echo many of the comments made above, I'm also very sad to see GG go. GG was the first premium fool newsletter that I subscribed to, mainly because Robert Kyosaki/Peter Schiff scared the crap out of me in 2008 and made me think I needed to avoid exposure to the US dollar and load up on gold and foreign stocks. I figured I needed help with finding foreign companies, and GG would fit the bill nicely (it did!).

Since then, the more I have read and learned about investing, the less paranoid I became about the dollar being inflated away to nothingness, and have come to think of global stocks as a nice complement to a US based diversified portfolio (there that home country bias rearing its ugly head :)).

While here, I learned A TREMENDOUS amount from Nathan/Nate/Tim/Bill. I consider every rec (whether it worked out or not) to be a great learning lesson for me.

What are my key take away's from being here?

1) Great companies, with great management, and great long term prospects should never be sold on valuation alone.
2) Hot money moves in and You've got to stick with your convictions through think and thin. Mr. Market will play mind games with you.
3) Demand a huge margin of safety with small cap foreign stocks, and use a big discount rate.
4) Corporate governance and auditors matter.
5) Add to winners. Cut losers.
6) Customer concentration, especially when that customer is a government, is a really big risk. Tread lightly (UEPS).
7) Telecoms are tough to invest in. Subscriber growth is great, but if competition chews away at your margins, you will work hard just to run in place (TLK/CHL).

I really hope that Nate/Nathan are willing to continue to follow some of my favorite GG stocks. VEMTF, BLX, PVD, HDB, COSWF, FHCO, CMFO, YONG, CGA...I really rely on GG for coverage on these stocks. If we don't get their opinion on them, I'm going to sell each and every one (sadly).

Best of luck to everyone in the future! It's been a pleasure learning from you all!

SA/RB Welcome Fool
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Hey Brian

Where you going? We'll see you in MDPland with all the other GGer's, at least I hope.

Anyway, I like your key takeaways. I'll add "Don't blow your portfolio on one stock and not at once".

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I am sad to see GG go away. while my cash return on investments is not high from the GG picks I have learned a lot. That is my #1 objective with TMF newsletters.

the newsletters from the trips were fun to follow. The China trips were very fun as I travel in the same areas several times a year.

well, just wanted to thank the GG team for all the work.

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Thanks for your thanks, and all the contributions you've made to Global Gains (most recently your excellent list of take aways).

I own BLX, YONG, CMFO, COSWF, and CGA, so I'll be keeping up with these. As I've said elsewhere, I'll probably pop up in Nathan's community to share my thoughts on each of them. I'll probably keep up a few others, too.

I'll also share my thoughts on the MDP boards where appropriate.

I'll return your wishes of luck and hope to see you around - wherever that may be.
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Thank you. While it wasn't easy, it was never work for me. I truly enjoy digging into companies and sharing my thoughts, answering questions, and debating (more or less civilly) here on the boards.

Thank you for coming along for the ride.
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I too would like to thank Nathan/Nate/Tim/Bill. I echo Brians' thoughts as well as the others who have written on how much GG will be missed.

Discovering and learning about international stocks is one of the biggest challenges for me. I have learned a lot from this team. I wish Nathan well in his new individual portfolio. I still have much to learn, and will follow along.

US based Multinationals can certainly help round out a portfolio, but, they do not, in my mind at least, meet the complete need for international stocks in a stock portfolio.

I found that I have 11 GG stocks in my portfolio -- ARCO, TSCDY, POT, SLB, CHL, TLK, TRP, RDY, NVS, VEMTF, and ABB. I hope that some will make it into Nathan's new portfolio or watchlist.

Best wishes all.

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