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A neat data set from John Ekdahl. Take a hard look at the first map, especially. That’s a nifty explanation, in a single image, for why so many conservatives (me included) thought Romney might pull the upset on election day. We figured four years of a bad economy and liberal disillusionment with Hopenchange combined with a powerful conservative zeal to beat him would mean a redder map this time. And … it was redder, in nearly every state. Just not red enough. O’s unique “achievement” this year was losing lots and lots of votes he’d won four years ago, just as righties expected, but holding onto just enough in every state that he nearly duplicated his electoral vote total from 2008. Bizarre, but that’s what his organizational effort was all about. He had a sizable margin of error this time thanks to his huge win over McCain and Team O made sure he stayed within it.
Here's the link to the map, pretty interesting, not as interesting as the nutritional value of nuts or what's the most kick-ass sport, but still:
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