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Hello everyone there,
What is going on with MKL? Will it dropped to $840? Will it take a year to reach $1200? The bad news about errors in financial statements and bad management in company's branch, put me to worry that it will take a long time to recover. I bought it at $1038. Thinking to sell and put money in faster growing opportunity stocks. Appreciate for your input.
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re: MKL (Market Corp insurance)

Ya missed the Bus. MKL is currently at $957.49 as of Friday 3/8/18's closing price. okay which side of the peak did you buy the stock. Going up or going DOWN DOWN DOWN.

Should have dumped the stock on or about October 10, 2018. So much for buying, holding and praying. MKL peaked on or about August 27th, 2018.

When you don't know how to read charts, you can get burned from praying too hard.

Just a thought,

Quillnpenn -
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re: CGC (Canopy Growth Corp.)


re: your other stock CGC is going down town as well and at the moment it is stagnant.

Just a thought,

"in tribute to all who seek to record their ideas and share them with others"

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Your Oct '17 'SELL' rating on MKLn is correct, but easier to see if weekly bars are used.

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Here's a Foolish article about Markel from a few weeks ago:

Markel has underperformed the market recently due to an announced investigation into its reinsurance business' reserves, but this isn't likely to cause a permanent strain on the company. Furthermore, the company's recently released quarterly results didn't look too great overall, although as my colleague Steve Symington wrote, all of the issues that caused the lousy performance are short-term headwinds.

Has the company seen better days, yes. Will they see better days, yes. I know how hard it is to see a position drop hard - I've been there many times. But if you believe in the company, believe in its leadership and business strategy, you're not going to be distracted by short term issues. I know I'm not taking my position anywhere.

If you are a Premium Fool, I would encourage you to join in on the Foolish discussion on the company's premium boards:

If you are not a premium service member, there's also a public discussion board for the company:

Who notes if you are a member of a premium service that has recommended or owns shares in the company, you should visit that service's community boards to get focused advice from your service's analyst team...

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