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Hi Folks,

While reading the most recent 10-k at I read that a couple of important folks are leaving CNXS.

The VP of Product Development:

and also the VP of Marketing, Breath Right Brand Officer:

This does concern me, after all the areas of growth highlighted by management have been Breath Right expansion and new products here in there. However, I'm not overly alarmed, because the shares are currently priced for very little growth.

I would be interested in hearing others thoughts after reading the above though. People come and go for all sorts of reasons and two people don't make a company, but given the announced focus I was a little surprised to see these two leaving.


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That is a good catch. I haven't gotten to reading the 10K yet (its on my list of things to do), but I tend to agree with your analysis in that the share price is pretty low so there appears to only be limited downside. I'll continue to watch closely the perfomance of CNXS throughout this year before I really make a determination on this company. Its got such good prospects, I believe it deserves a bit of time to get things humming.

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