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1. markpf - I wonder where the business market is for e-books. Seems like another side track into consumer (hence razor thin margin) space.

I think there's a huge market for e-books (especially when coupled with a low-cost dedicated reader using e-paper). Earlier in this thread I cited the a Register Article talking about the importance of e-paper. True, the margins may be razor thin, but the volume could be tremendous. Several specific examples come to mind:

a.) Alternative to low-cost paper back novels. Delivered in a cost effective way directly to your e-paper reader. Steven King (or Harry Potter) could deliver their latest novel to several millions fans electronically, by passing printers, warehouses, book stores, paper mills (and even high speed xerox printers).

b.) Textbooks. Today kids are trudging around with backpacks loaded with twenty plus pounds of generic text books. The same basic result could be accomplished with an e-paper based reader weighing a few pounds. An e-paper based text book could be modularized for specific lesson plans. A special version could be tailered for advanced or slower speed students.

2.) markpf - Respectively eink and adobe have the jump on the efforts of Xrx in terms of getting epaper and ebook meaningful products to market.

This pisses me off to no end. This is a market which XRX should own. Parc did all the landmark research and they seem to be willing to let MSFT, Adobve amd Eink walk away with major pieces. In an earlier post I noted that MSFT big name researchers in this feld have their roots are Parc. They laid out the basic prototype over twenty years ago.

3.) markpf - 3) The spin off strategy (e.g. contentguard) might not be as effective as one would think. The most recent Red Herring issue has an article on intraprenuers as a new trend.

I believe I was the one who posted the link to the Red Herring Article. The spin off strategy may have it's flaws but it's far superior to the Throw away Strategy that XRX is famous for.

4.) Markpf - 4) I am also interested in XRX's efforts in defining themselves as the document management company. Again, I ask myself where are the ads for docushare? Where are the XRX deals with idrive and hotoffice to link docushare with outsourced storage and productivity companies.

This is a good point. As far as I know XRX has no relationship with ilink or hotoffice. IMO - docushare is basically targeted at MSFT Office environments with a need for a large document repository. Docushare marketing is a good topic for another message thread, but the same basic premise holds true - if it doesn't make paper copies it's not a XRX.

5.) markpf - instead we get full page ads for low margin inkjet printers.

I don't really mind XRX entering this market segment. IMO - It's a HP power base which they've been using as a jump off point to enter XRX's space. Of course with the razor thin margins execution is critical (not a XRX strength).

6.) markpf - I do really have an interest in the current topic being discussed but wonder if it is yet another tangent for a company that is committed to document management solutions at the business level.

IMO - if XRX wants to be the Business Document Company (instead of the Document Company) they better start downsizing in a very radical manner. They will probably have to shrink to about 50% of their current size. The hard thing would be to draw the lines. This application involves business documents, but this other one involves small office documents, and these are personal documents, and those are non-for profit documents, ........

7.) markpf - pss. At lunch today I was messing around at and the noticed that the PARC Purchase circle includes as # 13 Saving Big Blue: Leadership Lessons & Turnaround Tactics of IBM's Lou Gerstner which is higher on the list than Seely Brown's new book on knowledge management.

I have to add both to my reading list.


Bruno the meateater
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