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Retirement Planing for Matured E Bonds
"We want those Americans who are holding more than $7 billion in matured saving bonds to put their money back to work for them." With this announcement, the commissioner of the public debt launched a campaign encouraging holders of matured saving bonds to cash them in.
Hold on! Fools rushing in to cash matured savings bonds may not be smart Fools.
Undoubtedly, United States savings bonds are the most mismanaged of many seniors' investments. Often acquired many years ago by gift, inheritance or as part of a salary deduction plan during early years of employment, stacks of these bonds often are squirreled away in a safe deposit box and largely forgotten. Many of these bonds have ceased to be interest bearing.
For a discussion of the tax-smart way to deal with this problem, visit this Fool's Soapbox discussion board.


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