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The 16 and 20 year Klein charts look interesting, but possibly simply a longer-term decline in the business's strength.

P/E ratio and P/Cash flow look interesting.

I don't yet know much about them, other than apparently they specialize in neonatal pediatrics and anesthesiology.

Here is their latest presentation from their IR page:

And a link to their overall IR page:

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Interesting, hard to figure out what is going on at first glance, I cringe when I see an investment in AI, but looks like they're buying clinics pretty regularly and haven't slowed down, presumably they know what price to buy in at. Revenue seems flat, still a bit of debt, but seems to be decreasing, seems dependent on hospitals accepting them for their services over others, most business in TX and 4 other states, margin is decreasing maybe due to increasing share of radiology which has lower margin than the other specialties.
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...Interesting, hard to figure out what is going on at first glance....

Hi jck101!

IIRC,MD is somewhat dependent upon the US birth rate, which was negative for 2018 versus 2017, with the decline in US births (-2.3%) the largest decline since at least 2010.....and number of births in MD hospitals decreased by 1.8%. Of course they are also in other areas like neonatology/pediatric cardio/operations and anesthesia, with the former admissions being up slightly (but the average length of stay being down)....and the latter number of cases being down 4.2%. Radiology, however, was up significantly (+13.2% more cases).....but as you pointed out, with lower margins.

Revenue impact-wise, The pediatric area accounts for 47% of sales; Anesthesia for 35%; Radiology for 12%; and Other for 6%.

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