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After watching the Golf Channel ad on TV, I signed up for the "free" Kick-X balls. I didn't do this for the reasons given in the commercial but merely to get some balls. I thought it would be just a sleeve, but it turned out it was for a box of 12. I used some of them but found no advantage over the balls I normally use.
Later, I got a credit card statement with some odd charges on it--six to be exact, all less than $.25, totaling $.99 and all to the same company (which I could not identify). I called the company listed on the statement and It turned out to be the shipping charge for the balls. They said the multiple charges were because of a computer glitch and I had no reason to disbelieve them.
Today I got another statement from the credit card company with a $43.35 charge which I, again, couldn't identify. It was from someone calling themselves Pure Golf. I thought that, maybe, this had to do with the
Kick-X balls again, so I did a little research* and found that this is a scam. Apparently, this "free" offer isn't free after all. In the small print somewhere in the offer it states that "if you aren't happy with the balls, send them back and you won't be charged". Silly me--I missed this caveat.
In the research, I found that I wasn't the only one with multiple charges for the shipping and that I wasn't the only one gullible enough to think that there is, after all, something free in life.
Ah, well--I guess the $44 is a small price for learning a valuable lesson.


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Why did you give them your credit card info for a "free" offer? That should be a red flag immediately.
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I saw their ad today at the Valero TV coverage. If you're fast you can actually read in the small print what they are about to do to you.
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