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Interesting little side article. Says malpractice insurance has been slightly falling every year for the past 5. But does mention that rates skyrocketed by 20% for 2 consecutive years previously.

My main problem, they only look at 3 fields: OB/Gyn, general internist, and general surgeon. IMHO, that's like basing consumer inflation without looking at energy.

What is eye opening, and hasn't changed much, some of the places that have the worst premium rates. I'm surprised Miami-Dade has physicians. Still boggles my mind that some physician have to have $200k for malpractice. There is no way that they are even close to making a decent living, especially if they're paying off school loans.

I think mine has been flat during this time. But then again, Louisiana has had a cap in place for years. But lawyers still try to game the system*.


* long story not wanting to repeat unless details are desired.
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