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I am 69, and will be laid off from my job (after 35 years) at the end of this year 2019.
The company will continue to provide medical benefit (Cobra)for 1 year after the lay off date.
I applied for Medicare part A when I turned 65.
To avoid the penalty for late signing to Medicare part B, when should I start it ?

1. at the end of 2019 when my employment ends
2. At the end of 2020 when the medical benefit from my current company ends?
3. Any other time ? I heard about the 8-month rule but do not know how it works

Will appreciate your input.

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"Will appreciate your input.

Bridgewater "


I'd suggest calling your local Social Security office. Also the Medicare website has a
bunch of info that tends to be helpful.

Most folks start at 65 since their insurance tends to push them at that time.
But the SS folks know a lot - and the web-site can verify.
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Not exactly answering--and Howie gave great advice--but I bet COBRA will cost a lot more than Medicare + Supplemental + Drug plan. IMO the benefit of COBRA is giving you another year to figure out what to do. Else you need to sign up by...mid-December is it? (I don't know because we have a retiree plan through the hubster's last job and are automatically re-upped every year.)
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The critical question: Is Cobra coverage sufficient to avoid Medicare Part B and D penalties. I believe the answer is NO.

With Cobra, Medicare is primary and Cobra is secondary.
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