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You might have noticed that your doctor has a pc on his desk. Not only is that the case but more and more are putting their medical records one one and they are now finally tending to use one of only a few programs.
This mightn't seem like much of an investment story but be patient.
The medical industry, GP and Specialist consists of very small finantial units held in private hands. One of the principle causes of this has been the poor portability of information. Computer programs to this date have not improved this. Everyone has used different programs (often their own) and programers have failed to understand that the information has to be packaged rigidly in a "Doctor" and "Patient Format"

A couple of software groups have finally seen the light and are working to change this. Myself and our group are watching this very carefully as they appear to be close to providing an acceptable package that could link a large number of buisnesses together thereby running under a central administration and massively reducing overhead. Even if the overheads were not decreased putting only 50 businesses like ours together would generate a company with over 100 million dollar turnover paying 15%pa dividends.

This isn't a spruke for capital. None is needed or wanted. I get a lot of interesting info from this site. Here's a bit back. Stay tuned and keep an eye out. This will be happening in the next 2 years.
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Thanks for posting this.
This is the sort of post I like - alerting investors of a potential unfolding opportunity so that they can carry out their own research and keep an eye on any developments.
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Are you suggesting that you can merge hundreds of medical practices together to "pay your dividends"?
My experience of meeting medical practioners is that they are a very independant bunch and desire to remain so. If this is your aim, you will fail.

On the other hand if what you are talking about is a B2B type arrangement linked in with the health funds and medicare to improve costs, then you have got a winner.

I also look forward to future postings..

In the meantime, I suggest everyone takes a look at Health Communication Network..HCN the market leader in medical practice software and as far as I am aware the only currently listed one. Currently 1.65 (floated around 1.40 a few months ago)..reached 4.65. This is basically a privatised ex government company with a rock solid customer base...thousands of G.P's and contracts with Victorian and NSW government hospitals. With hopes to spread it's winning market practice into the U.K (reason for the floats capital raising)
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Great post!

My first job was in a hospital. It has a software package made by IBA, who floated recently. It stores the information ok, but the interface is terrible, its slow and it crashes continually.

I realise that you were referring to GP's and Specialists, but information required for patient management must be pretty similar.

Foolish regards
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