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Interesting responses to the layoffs at TMF yet most are from those who have never had to meet a payroll. It's a simple fact that if I can't meet my personnel costs I will have to reduce personnel Of course this creates dislocation. Letting staff go because income is down and you can't meet salary and other costs is not only painful for all but despair equally opposite to the delight in hiring people. This is Staffing 101.

TMF let 115 people go in one fell swoop. This tells me that TMF was late in its decision to trim staff. In all probability, TMF kept people on past a point where it was evident that some would have to go. Maybe TMF was hoping things would turn around, cash would flow better, whatever, but held off too long. On 100 percent hindsight TMF should have whittled staff down across the past half year. They didn't. So it came as an avalanche not a slow slide. A short big hit rather than a long smaller swoosh.

Now is not the time to attribute blame because much of TMF's ills have been because of their cash flow. That's the center causality. However, I have seen many instances of posters lambasting TMF in what I call a true negative: complaining without offering a solution. I have sat at my computer amazed at the sheer lack of understanding that TMF has espoused their investing philosophy, given a platform for a disparate variety of views (and here I count NADA, Martini Club, Randall's Quiet Corner, and a host of others giving an opportunity to communicate divergent opinions) and what did TMF get in return but scathing remarks. The founders of TMF were vilified – yet they were our hosts.

Nothing is perfect, even TMF, and I would be the first to say so. However, I find it deeply disgusting that our hosts have been often insulted. Kudos to jeanpaulsartre for his post saying that he would, in any capacity he could, aid ex-TMF staffers. Not one post since have I seen that offer. Not one. Most have taken the view that TMF has compounded its error by letting certain, obviously talented, people go. Has it not occurred to some that TMF itself knows this and also grieves?

To those who made the cut, I am glad you did; to those who didn't, remember that having TMF on your resume is a decided plus. You were not let go because of any lack of talent but because TMF didn't have the financial wherewithal to keep you. Will you be missed? Damn right you will. Will another company benefit from your talent? Damn right they will.

Now the crunch. Would you pay, say, $19.99 a year to be a fully accredited Fool? Full access to all the site has to offer plus the right to have your own site within TMF? To read some of the best of the best writing on the Internet in the various boards? Simple fact is that TMF is one of the most visited sites on the Internet and, let's be frank here, some of the best informed views available anywhere. I often click on a poster's profile to find where he/she has posted. I could mention several posters such as JPS, Trick, Randall, Foolabaise, Waddafooliam, JMHawkins, Nelson(0), and many others who I appreciate (short list, I have many others).

Simply put, TMF has created a venue that is far, far better than certain others. Would you pay a small yearly sum to be here? I would.

Remember, There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

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