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Subject:  Re: Annunity vs ? Date:  10/4/1998  11:45 PM
Author:  TMFPixy Number:  5833 of 105379

Greetings, Microman2, and welcome. You wrote:

Have been giving $300.00 a month since 1984 to Great American Insurance Co. for an annuity. I was wondering if stopping the donation to Great American, and sending the same $300 to a no-load Mutual fund, might be a good idea?....House will be paid off in OCT 2001, No car payments, No Credit Card payments.

Situation arises where the Human Resources at the School District (TEACHER), only allows certain companys that they will send money. Great American and other insurance companys. When I mentioned to human resources, that I was considering a NO LOAD mutual fund, they said FIDELITY was a NO that a good choice, because the investment fella at the credit union, had us signed up for MFS, with a 5.75% load...Still trying to gather my information., on what to do with the $300..., Thanks

I'd say the fella at your credit union wasn't doing you much of a favor. A 5.75% load in a mutual fund these days is way out of line. Sounds like he was more interested in earning the commission than in helping you grow your money.

You don't say so, but I get the impression you're currently investing in the annuity through a 403b plan available at a teaching job. If so, you can probably do better using the same monthly $300 in a no load S&P 500 index fund. Fidelity has one, but unfortunately I can't recall it's name. Perhaps your HR folks can help assuming it's available in their plan.


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