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Subject:  Re: Still Going.... Date:  5/19/1999  10:05 PM
Author:  paradigmfool Number:  8127 of 27955

Knavish - Good starter questions! Remember, the only foolish question is the one you don't ask!

"Naturally, you'll want to set up a direct deposit wherever possible."
Not necessarlly. Do they charge fees for the Auto feature? While auto drafts are clearly less hassel, you might want want to retain the ability to vary OCP's for many reasons such as using an investment meter. Of course one can maintain set auto drafts and simply send in additional OCP's at will (assuming that there are not FEES). However with a set amount of 25.00 you shouldn't hurt too much. Again, which appeals the most to you - auto amounts with regularity or having flexability. Remember with a DRIP you can invest when you want! Just because you have a DRIP does not mean you have to!

"I assume I'm dealing with as many as 4 different transfer agents, right?"

possible - but not necessarlly. Just happens that I have one transfer agent which handles three of my DRIPS. However, you could have 4 different agents.

"then I guess I'll need to set up four different direct deposits, one to each transfer agent."


"Any input from fellow drippers would be greatly appreciated."

Auto pilot might be a good way to start out. Full dollar cost averaging advantage! One thing that I have always done and has worked well for me is to maintain a seperate account which I also DRIP into and use that account to purchase additional shares on a down turn and then traansfer those shares into my DRIP's. What ever way you choose to go make sure it feels good and comfortable to you. Remember this is a Long Term ride so enjoy it. Fool On!
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