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Subject:  Re: Pet insurance Date:  5/24/1999  1:21 PM
Author:  TMFPsyche Number:  736 of 123311

So now we're pulling all 14 of our cats from there, and demanding to be paid back the money we paid for the surgery. And *maybe* the $400 we paid to the others. But the bottom line is, that little kitty had to put up with a lot of pain that could have been avoided had someone in his clinic been more careful. And I'm not going to put my cats and their health into the hands of someone who can't be the best. Since the surgery that fixed her problems (tho he tells me they could come back at any time...)

Oops - I didn't finish that paragraph. How awkward is that? Anyway, quickly... As the last line sez, since the surgery that fixed her problems, she has developed a whole new personality. Before she was always jumpy, shy, quick to run away, spent a lot of time in hiding. We figured since she was living inside a wall before coming to live with us, and spent her first month with us, hiding in a closet buried in a comforter... that was just her personality. We feel awful... It turns out that she's actually quite luvvy! She doesn't go so far as to snuggle yet, but she sure bumps against us for pets, and she doesn't run away anymore...


TMF Psyche

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