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Subject:  Balance of Retirement Funds Date:  9/9/1999  5:28 PM
Author:  warrenps Number:  13822 of 102708

I am a new Fool but my wife says I'm just an Old Fool.

I am 54 and plan on retiring at 65. Children will be out of college soon, the house is paid for, and I don't have any debt. I am self-employed and put everything I can into a SEP-IRA.

I presently have about 85k in IRA Bank CD's. I have about 30k in IRA mutual funds (S&P 500 Index), about 40k in non-IRA mutual funds (S&P 500 Index), and about 75k in a mixed bag of stocks (Banks, Utilities, Health Care) that were given/willed to me.

My questions involve the proper "mix" of CD's, Bonds, mutual funds, stocks, etc.

1. What do the "wise ones" suggest as a mix between CD's, bonds, stocks, mutual funds for someone who wants to see their money grow but couldn't bear to have everything he owned riding on the stock market.

2. The stocks are in sound companies, several are in S&P 500, but there are no rockets. Any benefit to selling the stocks and putting them into an Index Fund?

3. Should I consider Bonds (Tax-free or otherwise) in my mix of investments?

4. I have about 60k in one bank stock handed down to me from my grandfather. I don't have any idea of what the capital gains tax would be if I sold it (since the stock was a startup of the bank) but I am sure the tax would be significant. How do I analyze whether or not I should sell them and put them into my Index Fund? This is a small hometown bank and my gut feeling is that it will get gobbled up one of these days by a megabank and the stock may be worth more at that time than it is now.

Thanks in advance to any Fools who might be able to help.
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