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Subject:  Re: Investing Under Pressure Date:  1/26/2000  3:24 PM
Author:  washu Number:  199 of 265

<< I have just completed reading RB,RM and have received the green light from my Foolish bride to sock $4K of hard earned cash into the market in the way outlined in the book. At the end of this conversation she looked me dead into the eyes and said "If you lose this, we will have marital issues". >>

Well, my yellow light is going off. :/ Post this on the Couples Investing board and elaborate. Start with how much she means by "lose". 20%? 50%? All of it? How much time do you have before she passes judgement? A year? Five years? Ten years? Whenever one of your stocks dips 50%? 25%? 10%?

What is your attitude about risk? What's hers? What stocks would you invest in? What stocks would she invest in? What financial education and investment experience do you have? What about her? How similar or dissimilar are your risk levels, stock preferences, financial education, and experience?

My own two bits is that she be involved with at least half of the investment selection, then adjust your half accordingly, erring on the side of the Rule Makers (moderate risk).

Pressure is NOT good for the new investor, because the new investor will make mistakes. It's these mistakes that make you a good investor.

Yes, I'm being paranoid. Then, again, someone **is** looking over your shoulder.

Washu! ^O^
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