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Subject:  Re: More Tiresome Fool Censorship Date:  2/2/2000  5:21 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  1240 of 27876

Part of the problem might be simply that Fool HQ, even though we keep doubling our staff every year or so, is perpetually flooded with more ideas and suggestions than we can execute. We're doing as much as we can, and are always trying to do more. But we don't get to everything. At least not when some people (often, me) wish we would.

just my opinion of course... but were i in charge:

the Censorship problem* would be Number Three on my list of things to do.... way Way above st**f like "Now index", "lucky charms" ( to name just two fairly large expenditures of resource that i find utterly worthless ).

you can't do everything. you have to decide what's important. (of course, you, Selena, are not in charge either... who the H**k is?)


* but then, i think "lack of P***d off customers" should be a goal for every business, silly me.
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