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Subject:  I Love TurboTax Online! Date:  2/8/2000  8:45 PM
Author:  amynorcom Number:  27941 of 128043

Hi All!

This is a blatant plug for TurboTax online. (I do not work for Intuit, nor am I an Intuit shareholder. ;))

I've always done our taxes. I hate it, but I'm used to it. This past weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and get started on my 1999 return. I thought I'd try TurboTax, as I had heard it mentioned here and there.

Fools, I have to sincerely say that this year, doing my taxes was at least ten times easier than ever before. The entire process went smoothly and took literally 1/10 of the time it has taken me in past years.

I am finished, and I had to do *no* math, *no* figuring out which forms to use, *no* reading directions, *no* photocopying; I just sat there like a moron and answered the questions that popped up on the screen while the software did all the work.

I didn't even have to go to the fricking store to buy the software. I just went to the Intuit site and got started. Gave them my credit card number right before they filed electronically for me.

This is a wonderful, beautiful thing.

If only someone had told me how ridiculously easy this was in prior years, I could have saved myself a tremendous amount of angst and self-flagellation.

Just wanted to share this with my fellow Fools in the hopes that it might save one of you some hair-pulling *this* tax season.

Fool on!
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