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Subject:  Re: Stock Tip Date:  2/12/2000  10:05 PM
Author:  Barcoo Number:  1103 of 6186

Must reply to sambd.
Appreciate your input but believe you opinion is totally wrong.
What is the purpose of a shares forum if its not to exchange opinions about shares. If we don't do that the forum ceases to exist.
It appears as though you didn't read the company announcements that I mentioned or you would not have said "all they have is their listing."
The right long term strategy should have a place for more speculative shares eg 5%.Better a good speculative one than a dud.
I didn't offer any opinions of where the company was going, I left it completely up to the readers own due diligence. I completely disclosed my own position ie buy price and attitude to current price. The only thing I didn't disclose was my sell price. Seeing as you say
"Even if it triples next week, so what? Will you know how to keep the profits from the next tip?" I will say if it triples next week I would sell a two thirds of my holding so that I get my original stake back,I pay my tax, take a bit of profit and leave some gravy in the market.
You slur my "personal interest in talking them up"- I wonder if you would be happier if I talked up a share I wasn't prepared to buy myself.
I disagree with you that stock tips should be sought in the pub.
You can make a rule for yourself if you like but excuse me if I go by a different set of rules to you.
At least it generated some posts, I was worried the forum was dieing.
Thank you to the other posters for supporting me.
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