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Subject:  Re: INTC Date:  2/25/2000  8:57 AM
Author:  FoolRM Number:  5652 of 8329

The Fools' article about Intel was like he said technobabble. All I care to know if it is still a Buy recommendation and why?

BTW, where is the Fool's list of recommended stocks?


Looking at your profile, I see that you're pretty new here, so I thought I'd help out a bit.

First, you are having trouble finding the Fool's list of recommended stocks. That is by design, because the Motley Fool doesn't "recommend" stocks like a traditional broker. Sure, they discuss stocks, own stocks, like and dislike stocks. They even now offer (for a price) research on stocks, but you won't find a list of "stocks to buy now" or something like that.

So what does TMF offer? They offer to help you learn how to find investments for yourself, to perform the due diligence on your own rather than trying to decipher the difference between a stock rated a "buy" and another rated "accumulate." They offer to help you learn these things with doses of wit--occasionally even outright humor--and insight. The "payoff"--if you will--is that you will no longer need a list of "recommended stocks" to build your portfolio; you'll make the list yourself.

Maybe you are saying to yourself, "I don't have that kind of time" (and if you are saying that, I doubt you've made it this far through my post...), well the Fool doesn't want you to spend your life doing nothing but pouring over 10-Ks and press releases. So if time is really that limited, the Fool also discusses a variety of "mechanical" investment techniques where you buy what is on the list at a certain point and sell it at a defined point. "The Foolish Four" is the best known of these, but there is an entire "Mechanical Investing" board where people discuss the various strategies. I should warn you though: if you are heading to the MI board to save time, you should know it is one of the busiest and most interesting boards in Fooldom.

So, should you buy Intel? At the fool, I think they'll tell you that only you can answer that question.

Good luck and good investing,

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