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Subject:  Re: Gorilla Game and Biotechnology... Date:  2/27/2000  11:14 AM
Author:  FoolishRainbow Number:  1185 of 8806

Freind SamIam9,

In my non-scientific view, two things could create a gorilla in biotech.

1/ Reslove the protein folding problem. Patent it. With protien folding resolved, the holy grail, one can design compounds that you know would attach themselves to certain molocules on the cell surface to inhibit or ward off bad guys. Or attach themselves to bad guys and destroy them. Very simplistic comment. The guy who figures out protien folding will go down in history.

2/ Figure and patent a system for delivery of genetic modification material to the cell. Now thought to be a virus. Even this might be piece meal and require a "system" for discovery of such compounds because they might require differences depending on the specific gene.

The current hpye on genomics is a long way from being substantial, IMO. What will be more important is delivery systems. Just like B2C and telecommunication infrastructure. Just like the gold miners and the merchants that sold them the equipment.

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