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Subject:  Return Of Grasshopper Date:  3/5/2000  6:05 PM
Author:  1THEGUY1 Number:  1362 of 8806

The student, tiered and cold huddles by the warmth of the fire .He stares at the stars shining brightly in the clear sky and ponders his question again to make sure he has thought about it from as many angles as possible. He knows that the Elders will expect him to at lest have read the book once if not twice before you are aloud to speak....but he has not.

He approaches the gathering and summons up his courage to speak. Thoughts fly through his head, what will they think of me ? What if everybody thinks my question
is stupid or even worse what if it insults them ?

He shivers then breaths deeply and asks;

I would really like is to invest in a immature gorilla or one that is about to enter the tornado. I've narrowed it down to 6 candidates,

QCOM- Qualcomm Inc
ITWO- I2 Technologies
BRCM- Broadcom Corp
SEBL- Siebel Systems
GMST- Gemstar Intl Group
BRCD- Brocade Comms System

from a whole bunch more..


To which they replied:

That's exactly why you should read the book. Spend the $18 and change, take a few days and read it.

He nods his head....Finally he stumbles down the street, hiking up his coat to keep out the nights chill.....muttering under his breath….. G is for Gorilla.


He buys his book at the local Lichtman's and heads home to start reading. As he walks he thinks about what was said. His first thoughts are of that old saying: that if you give a man some fish he will always be hungery but if you teach him to catch his own fish then he will never be hungery again because he can do it for himself.

Sounds a bit like a cult or maybe communism he muses as he walks.

He cracks the book and reads it once fast then again slower, writing down key words as he goes, Discontinuous Inovation...Chasm...Bowling Alley Forever...Product category life cycle...Barriers to entry and switcing costs...Architectural control...Proprietary architecture...Application software...Enabling technologies...Gorilla collision...GAP/CAP...Patents. His head is swimming but one image remains... gorilla architecture is acting something like a reef upon which this new ecosystem has sprung up.,he puts the book down and falls fast asleep.

Over the next weeks he reads and does his own DD, until finally he is ready and goes back to the group by the fire. He walks up to them but instead of asking his question again, he tries to answer it.

He says, I would go with the basket approach and cover more bases. So I will choose QCOM(enabling technology) and NTAP(enabling technology) because they are both young Gorillas. I would also pick ELON(enabling Technology) CREE(enabling technology) RBAK(enabling technology)and GMST(enabling technology) to have more exposure to the coming Tornados.

He stares at the fire and waits.......

P.S. I do believe the game starts earlier then before.


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