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Subject:  Re: Where to begin? Date:  3/23/2000  9:33 PM
Author:  Chipsboss Number:  20472 of 90133

for CaDreamer:

Studying up on the markets some (as offered by The Motley Fool) and especially assessing your tolerance for risk and your goals for your investments are a good place to start. I'm writing partly because Schwab seems to be getting little admiration in your other responses but Schwab has been just great for me. When I left my last employer in 1993, I rolled over my entire IRA to the Vanguard Index 500 fund in an IRA at Vanguard. Then I transferred custody of that IRA to Schwab. Neither of these transactions incurred any fees of any kind and the IRA has better than tripled in value as of today. To buy a Vanguard fund without any fee you have to buy directly from Vanguard; then, if you like, you can transfer custory to Schwab. I have all my investment assets at Schwab for the convenience of getting a single monthly statement, or rather two statements: one for the taxable account and one for the IRA. Schwab also has an Schwab Index 1000 fund which is much like the Index 500 fund in performance. It's a no-load fund also and, when your assets in it get big enough (maybe 50,000?) the already low management fee is cut still further. That fund has done very well for me also.

If I have covered too much ground too quickly, please ask for clarification. Please don't let anyone tell you that you have to pick stock yourself and that mutual funds are unFoolish. Index funds have a great deal to recommend them. Want to know more?

Chips, who also bruises easily and particularly likes the Motley Fool boards because people here are very rarely uncivil
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