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Subject:  Re: Found a new GG in an unexpected place Date:  3/31/2000  4:19 AM
Author:  justphil Number:  1877 of 8813

In regards to the ABGX MEDX discovery recently announced by TinkerShaw, I must say he is on to something. I have been following four companies in that area for a little while now, and have accumulated some pretty cool info.

First of all, there is one other company that has fully humanized monoclonal antibodies. Cambridge Antibody technologies, located in England (CMBHF), also has a method for mAB's (monoclonal antibodies). Protein Design Labs, whom some of you perhaps heard about recently (they lost a patent, took a plunge), has a drug out that uses monoclonal antibodies, but they are not fully humanized. They contain a small amount of mouse antibody, which can lead to a negative response. I see the potential for humanized antibodies in treatment applications as huge. Bacterial infections could be killed with non-antibiotics, which is a big step towards a positioning against some of the newer superbacteria that are resistant to previous types of antibiotic treatments.

A few snippets on the companies tinkershaw has found. ABGX is in a partnership with Millenium Pharmaceutical (MLNM). Their agreement has ABGX contributing their Xenomouse technology and receiving royalties from any drug developed that employs it. Also, they have a research partnership with Corixa to develop theraputical mAB's and test them against Corixa's antigens.
MEDX also aligned itself with a big pharmaceutical, Regeneron (REGN). Under their agreement, both companies will participate in preclinical research and testing, and any drugs produced will be jointly marketed. And in a move parallel to abgx, MEDX just today inked an agreement with Raven Biotechnologies (cool name)(private i think) to test MEDX's HuMAb-Mouse technology against raven's antigens.

It seems both those companies are pretty much mirroring each other's approach. But the company I really like the mAB area of things is Cambridge Antibody in england (as was previously mentioned)(CMBHF still). These guys have agreements with such powerhouses as Pfizer, Genentech, Eli Lily, and Human Genome Sciences to name a few. They also have a couple drugs that are set to enter phase III of clinical trials. Which means a probable release is not that far down the road, assuming phase III is successful. Their 1999 annual report can be found below:

whew, that was somewhat longer than expected, but I hope it's helpful nonetheless.

for more info, head over to ElricSeven's board, some great bio discussions reside.
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