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Subject:  403(b) contribution limits Date:  6/3/2000  8:30 PM
Author:  cavaleria Number:  22355 of 107492

Hi, I'm new and I have four questions about my 403(b) plan and how much I can contribute to it. Yeah, I tried the IRS site, I tried government publications, I tried "ask-the-irs"...all to no avail. I have worked for the same 403(b)-eligible company for six years. For the first two years I did not contribute to my 403(b) and for the next three I contributed approximately 15% of my salary, thus under the maximum allowed, which to the best of my knowledge is 19%, 20%, or 25% (would you believe I have found three different figures?!). I know that in certain cases there is a "catch-up" clause in which you can contribute more than the normal percentage limit to make up for under-contributing earlier. My questions are:

1. What is the real "normal" contribution limit? (19%, 20%, 25%?)

2. Am I eligible for the "catch-up" clause, and if so what are my "catch-up" limits?

3. Can you use the catch-up clause more than once, or only one year?

4. Is there a law limiting the number of times per year one can change one's 403(b) withholding, or is it just however many times one's employer will allow?

For all these questions, I'm referring to my personal contribution to my 403(b); my employer does not contribute anything, nor does he match my contributions.

Does anybody out there know? Thanks so much!

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