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Subject:  Dynamic Index Date:  8/15/2000  12:28 PM
Author:  Manlobbi Number:  76995 of 279139

I have been away from the message board for a couple of a weeks. I have been putting all of my spare time into developing a dynamic index system for this board. I expect to be finished in just a few days as I have managed to take more time off work. I started with Perl but I will move it over to Java Servlets (faster) once we have a model that everyone like.

In summary the Dynamic Index it is a way to organise all the information here (whether it be intelligent ponders, raw research results, also historical milestones), using a structure that is defined by mass consensus. The last bit is the key. It starts off messy but evolves into something valuable. It has a deep heirarchy and the nodes are completely editable by all the users here, and when there is consensus I can add locks in various places. Also, you can upload graphs and other information that can't be displayed here (I'll get to that later).

That's the summary. Here's the reason that I wanted to develop something like this. I sometimes have very specific questions such as:

"What was the basis for using a hi-market cap filter with the low price/book-value screen? In which message was the idea first proposed?"


"When the keystone screen was developed, what was the point of limiting to US stocks only? Where can I find the original argument for doing so?"


"Who invented the UG screen and where are first the messages relating to this?"

Really, it can be a challenge to pinpoint information. You might have a great idea, or a criticism for someone else's idea, but with the right education or means of pinpointing some information, you will have dismissed or moved forward with the idea before adding more traffic here with some question that has been answered so many times.

I wanted to have something that integrates with this message board to maintain a heirarchical series of hyperlinks, most of which lead to various messages on the MI board, but other links may lead to information elsewhere, such as charts or content that cannot be displayed here. My vision was for this message board to act as the content layer while the dynamic menu would be the navigation layer. It is not a replacement to what we have but a tool specifically designed to identify key messages and other useful information that can't be displayed here, without the jokes, repeated questions and off-topic stuff found here (which can be quite appropriate and gives the sense of community rather than just an information database and provides comfort and so on). But I wanted the dynamic menu to be concentrated to only the best information regarding MI research. It's a slightly different concept. The dynamic index doesn't let people write messages - it is just about pointing to information in an organized manner and allowing the community here to efficiently define the structure and we can decide for ourselves when something is worth adding to the dynamic index. I can come up with arguments against the idea. But it doesn't bother me. You can also come up with arguments against the RS screens.. or just about anything, prior to seeing results.

While I point out that the dynamic menu is not about adding new content, I will eventually allow people to upload graphs and similar information that cannot be displayed on the board here. I already have the code and just need to have everything in a format that everyone likes, and I want to use English that promotes the best use of the service (in the instruction and error messages). I'll start really simple and go from there, and we can always resort to individual customization regarding visual formats and other such things.

The index database will begin as experimental. I think the first way to organise the information is to give everyone here the complete freedom to do what they want - add, edit and delete links and define the menu structure. I expect and welcome vandalism, and some stupid decisions mixed with brilliant input, but what evolves should at least be 'a very useful result'. That's my target. Later I can make some of the links protected when we have a consensus that those areas are rock solid. I'll provide a hyperlink soon.

Anyone can start hitting me with ideas and criticism so I can factor/add them into the first version. Please recommend this post if you think I'm onto something helpful. We all need some encouragement.

- Manlobbi
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