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Subject:  Newbies Date:  8/27/2000  7:05 AM
Author:  ChuckAmos Number:  78184 of 275533

About 15 years ago, I used to own an interstate service station right next to I-95. Everyday, about 10 times, someone would come up to me an ask...How do you get to 95?
I couldn't believe my ears....heck you could SEE the interstate from where they were asking the question!!
After about a year of getting frustrated that these people(obviously different people all the time) were still asking the same question, I made a map.
It showed them exactly where they were at that time and how to get to where they wanted to be.
I know how frustrating the simple, obvious questions can be, to those who know the answers...I used to had them the map with a simple "Thanks for stopping by".
Guess what?...there were still a few that had a problem reading a map.

Being not computer savy, it would be nice if someone would develope a page or site where all newbie questions could be shown with the same explaination that "The answer to this question requires that you do the following DD at this page"... or something along those lines.
We have a wealth of information available to us, and an abundance of great thinkers and minds among us.
Let's put a little collective effort into developing a place for these newbies to go and begin their learning process.
Please include the book from LAPROPDOC and SUX.
Even though I have been lurking here since 1997, where I first found Keystone, The books brought all that I thought I knew into some type of order and reference.

Will we still get lost newbies....absolutely.
Will we still feel frustrated by their questions...absolutely.
Will we get better educated newbies from this site...absolutely.

I have read some really nice posts in the past directing newbies to here or there. Let's set up a standard response and see if it works.


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